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However, this predicament cannot be entirely blamed on Facebook's falling stock prices; Instagram's owners took the risk of a decline in Facebook shares in exchange for all the benefits of an increase and therefore did not agree to a floating share exchange ratio or stock collar, two common merger tools (amongst many others available ) which would have greatly helped Instagram hedge against the risk.

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Added to the fact that likes and followers spread the word and expose more and fast like instagram to your content, a high number of likes and followers also of course serves as an endorsement of your content-if the content has proven to be interesting and popular with a lot of other people, new viewers are exponentially more likely to deem it worthy of a look themselves.
As you might expect, using the right filter is one of the best ways to get noticed on Instagram These 8 Tips Will Help You Get Noticed On Instagram These 8 Tips Will Help You Get Noticed On Instagram If you've been using Instagram for a while, yet only have a handful of followers to show for it, or are rarely receiving likes and comments on buy followers for instagram , these tips should help.

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